Getting Started with LoyaPro X POS

This page will help you get started with LoyaPro. You'll be up and running very soon.

LoyaPro API (Application Programming Interface) is built around REST. The API allows external applications to integrate with LoyaPro on different levels to achieve various integrations goals

LoyaPro API returns JSON-encoded responses and uses standard HTTP response codes and authentication

Each endpoint has full description with sample responses

Please go through the overview section before digging deeper into core resources and inventory resources

Requirements from POS

  • The ability to add customers name & mobile number from LoyaPro to POS system directly, and the customer appears on the cashier system directly without the need for manual synchronisation
  • The ability to search for the customer by mobile number or name in POS
  • Adding the customer to the order
  • Sending all order details to LoyaPro after completing, deleting and cancelling the order.
  • The reward can be redeemed by adding a field in POST to allow the cashier to fill in the customer code.
  • When filling in the code in the reward exchange field, it is verified that the reward can be disbursed from LoyaPro, and then the type of reward is shown, whether products, a percentage discount, or a fixed amount deduction
  • The cashier determines the reward according to the customer's desire
  • When the reward is confirmed, after specifying the type of reward, data is sent to LoyaPro that the reward has been approved for redemption
  • In order for LoyaPro to provide the reward details it's required to provide a Product API to fetch the products of the business/merchant

Communicating with LoyaPro using Webhook

In order for your POS system to communicate with LoyaPro. You'll be provided with a webhook attached to your pos that can be used for multiple proposes

Order details{pos_name}/orderPOST
Fetch Reward Details{pos_name}/rewardPOST
Redeem Reward{pos_name}/redeemPOST



Example for webhook


When consuming LoyaPro API, ensure you include the below headers in every request.

Accept: application/json

Content-Type: application/json

Rate Limit


Details to be added soon